Carrier iruCarry

A detachable, rear hanging carrier.
Who’d have thought?

iruCarry is a detachable rear carrier designed to hang luggage between the saddle and rear wheel, that draws stability from the luggage’s own weight.

Efficient use of space

It turns the extra space between the saddle and rear wheel that most small-wheeled bikes have, into a space for carrying luggage.

Easy to attach/detach

It only takes a second to clamp it to the seat post and hang it from the coupler beneath the saddle. No tools needed.

Large carrying capacity

The carrier platform is 45cm long. It can hold up to 5kg of weight.

For bikes other than iruka

With the optional coupler (included with iruka purchase), you can use iruCart on small-wheeled bicycles other than iruka.

It utilizes the same coupler as iruCart. The coupler is compatible with saddles with a rail width of 44mm(center distance, allowance ±1mm). M5 hex wrench is required to mount.


Size W130mm x L600mm x H67mm
Adaptive seat post diameter 26-36mm
Maximum loading weight 5kg


The space above the rear wheel is one of the best spaces to carry luggage on a bicycle. This is especially true for small-wheeled bikes, which have a large space between the saddle and rear wheel and therefore plenty of room for luggage.


The most common method would be to secure a rack onto the chainstay with bolts, however this is not practical for folding bikes like iruka where the rear wheel folds vertically. You would need to remove the luggage every time.


What about a saddlebag? Most saddlebags were not my choice for their look, usability and transportability when detached from the bike and carried around. Also, you might need to constantly transfer things like your wallet and cell phone to and from your regular bag (which I‘d forgotten to do a couple times and that was no fun). So I felt saddlebags weren’t ideal for rides around town.


That’s why early on, I had a detachable carrier in mind – a carrier that you could hang your regular bag from above like a saddlebag, instead of one supported from below by the chainstay.


At first, I tried using soft materials such as fabrics and nets to wrap the luggage like a hammock. It didn’t work as expected. I tried different things – adding pipes for extra support, changing the shape of the sack, etc – but this resulted in a ruined aesthetic and not ease of use. I knew I was in a rut. 


Just when I was about to give up, the thought occurred to me that it could be a platform like a regular rear carrier supported by a belt. When I saw the prototype, I almost started laughing, wondering why I didn’t think about something this simple earlier.


Masaki Mark Kobayashi

Founder and President, iruka Inc.