Carrier iruCatch

A detachable bag holder.
The ultimate minimal carrier attachment.

Attach to the handle post and hang your bag. iruCatch is a minimal carrier attachment.

Maximum use of space.

It uses the extra space most small-wheeled bikes have in front and behind the handle post as a space for hanging luggage.

Easy to attach and detach.

Just clamp on to the handle post. It takes only a second. No tools needed.

Flexible positioning.

By adjusting the mounting position and orientation, it can accommodate bags with different handle lengths and sizes.

Minimal interference on the handle.

The center of gravity of the luggage rests almost directly above the axis of rotation of the handle, so there is very little effect on steering compared to when a bag hangs from the handle bar or sits in a front basket.

For bikes other than iruka.

As long as the handle post diameter is between 22-35mm, it can be attached to any bike.


Adaptive handle post diameter 22-35mm
Maximum loading weight 3kg


Cooking is an important routine in my day. Almost everyday after work, I leave the office on my bike and stop at a grocery store on the way home.


But the part of my ride after shopping was not so pleasant. If I hung the grocery bag on the handle bar, it was difficult to ride because the weight threw off my balance and I kept kicking the bag when I pedaled. If I put things in my backpack, it felt uncomfortable, what with wine bottles, tomato cans, and the like.  


I didn’t like using a basket in front either. It just gets in the way when you don’t have anything to carry and becomes a hindrance when you fold your bike.


One day, I thought I might try a resin hook – which I 3D printed – attached to the handle post with a zip tie. This was the prototype for iruCatch.


I hardly noticed the bag. Soon enough, I tried hanging different bags such as a backpack or a laptop bag. I was proud of my idea – which utilized only a small part to change the extra space most small bikes have in front and behind the handle post, into the perfect place for luggage. I thought it was a neat little lifehack. My friends said it was not a neat little lifehack – it was an amazing lifehack. So I decided to put it into production.


Masaki Mark Kobayashi

Founder and President, iruka Inc.