Option Parts iruCover

Traveling bag for iruka
Fully supports Walk mode and Sleep mode.

Cover and roll

iruCover fully supports iruka in Walk mode. Set the outer bag on the saddle, and turn the hem of the main bag out over the bike, leaving it open on the bottom. You can then roll iruka along without exposing it. To close it on the bottom, simply let down the hem and pull the draw-string.

When the tires or the main bag are wet, the bag can sometimes stick to them and get caught in the wheels as they roll. If that happens, you can pass the included strap through the loop on the upper left, then pull up and to the left to keep the bag from catching as you roll iruka.

Loaded with unique features

It's loaded with special features that are very iruka. One part performs multiple functions. The outer bag doubles as a saddle cover. The shoulder strap can be used to keep the bag from catching.

Fits snugly into the top tube

Fold iruCover up, use the belt on the main bag to secure it, and iruCover stores snugly in iruka's top tube slit.

Traditional Ostrich craftsmanship

iruCover is manufactured by Azuma Sangyo, makers of the renowned Ostrich brand of Japanese artisanal bicycle bags. Each iruCover is individually sewn by dedicated artisans of the Azuma Sangyo workshop in eastern Tokyo.


Included items Outer bag, main bag and strap