2019.12.25 From Founder

To Flippers

Message from Mark, the founder

First, I will call the iruka product owner “Flipper” from today. If you have iruka, iruCart, iruCarry or iruCatch, you are one of the Flippers.



2019 was a big year for me and the company. The main events that we experienced were as follows.


  • Launch of iruka

  • Started sales at 9 stores in Tokyo and Yokohama, and expanded to 19 stores nationwide

  • Launch in Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong

  • Joined Eurobike and Cycle Mode International

  • Release of iruCart, iruCarry and iruCatch

Actually, about half a year has passed since the release of iruka, but I feel like it’s been several years already.


As I pass the coming new year, when I ask myself what I feel now, what I find is the phrase Im happy. iruka is the product that realized the bicycle I wanted after 10 years. I run around Tokyo almost every day and sometimes across the country and abroad on that iruka — and there are people who like it, sympathize with my vision and story, and buy it although its not cheap. I couldn’t be happier. I appreciate the Flippers, the dealers and everyone who supports us. Thank you.


Well, 2020 may start with some unexpected news for the Flippers and the pre-Flippers. Please wait. Merry Christmas and happy new year.



Masaki Mark Kobayashi

Founder and President, iruka Inc.

At Cycle Mode International 2019