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Fastest way around,
at all time.

What do you think is the fastest way to get around Tokyo?
Car? Train? Nope. It’s the bicycle.
If you draw a 5km radius circle in the center of Tokyo,
it would cover the loop of the JR Yamanote train line.
Much research shows that a bicycle is the fastest means of transportation within a 5km radius.
Imagine how fun it would be if you could take your bike everywhere you go.
That’s what inspired iruka, a mobile transformer bicycle.

Mobility transformed.
Run. Wait. Walk. Sleep.

iruka is a transformer bicycle which changes its form into four modes to suit the scene. No tools are required to fold or unfold. Expand your mobility with the touch of a hand.

It’s a breeze.

Small wheels don’t mean a small ride. iruka’s 18-inch wheels propel you one and half times more than your average single speed commuter bicycle with a single pedal rotation in top gear. Precise gear ratio settings, a high rigidity frame that efficiently converts pedaling force to propulsive force, and a stable geometric design that ensures stability at high speed – all contribute to the impressive speed possible with iruka. Experience it for yourself.

Optimized to be zippy.

Agility and flexibility are key when riding in cities, as well as speed. Take Chiyoda ward, a small district in the center of Tokyo. It’s only 12 square km but has a 30m difference in elevation. And with over 100 thousand cars traveling through it daily, and hundreds of traffic lights, it sure is busy. But with iruka you needn’t worry. The 18-inch wheels handles frequent starts-and-stops well, the Shimano internal geared hubs make it highly-capable for high-speed cruising or steep climbing, and the small rotor disc brake operates efficiently and effectively.

Compact. For impact.

iruka can be folded 30% smaller than ordinary folding bikes(*1). The perfect rectangular folded shape fits in a car trunk, on a train seat, under your desk, or any other space. And it easily fits a narrower space when stored vertically(*2). If you like folding it even when you don’t need to, you must have a sharp aesthetic sense–the aspect ratio of iruka when folded nearly equals the Golden Ratio.

  • W78cm x H48cm x D35cm Compared to a 20-inch folding bike’s volume (W x H x D)
  • It’s not standable when putting vertically.

Walk it. Roll it.

You may be thinking, even compact folded bikes are a pain to carry. And you’d be right. Except with iruka. Its front and rear wheels fold parallel and coaxially, which allows you to roll iruka like a carry cart. So metro concourses, airport terminals, and office hallways are no problem. iruka can go wherever you go. Now, where do you want to go?

On most railway lines in Japan, you are obliged to store your bike in a bicycle bag when bringing it onto the train. You may also be asked to store it in a bag inside train stations.

Park smart.

Missing the kickstand? No problem. When you fold in iruka’s rear wheel, it acts like a kickstand. It becomes 2/3 its overall length, so you only need half the parking space of ordinary bicycles. That’s parking made smart.

Carry anything.

Do you like to bike even when you have a lot to carry? If so, a front basket or rear carrier may not be the best solution. They might need to be fastened or they may not be the right size, and they would spoil your bike’s appearance. iruka takes all into consideration with three unique carrier attachments that make efficient use of the space characteristic to small-wheeled bikes.



A compact cycle trailer that connects to the saddle. With an 80cm-long platform, even your large luggage will fit securely. Or detach iruCart from the saddle and roll it with your luggage like a carry cart. It’ll also carry iruka in its Sleep mode.



A detachable rear carrier that hangs in the space between the saddle and rear wheel. Hang whatever you like and go for a ride.



A detachable bag holder designed to attach on the handle post. Simply adjust the mounting position according to your bag size.

iruCart, iruCarry and iruCatch can be used on other small-wheeled bicycles besides iruka, when parts and size requirements are met.

Strength + Beauty

In order to achieve the distinct aesthetic of the iruka frame, we began by creating metal molds for nearly all the frame components including the large diameter three-channel pipe used for the top tube. For the frame, we selected 6061 aluminum alloy for its strength and light weight, to achieve an excellent balance between eye-catching beauty and strength that passes the EN/JIS Standard Strength Test*.

Frame fatigue test with a vertical force (EN4.8.6), Impact test (Falling mass) (EN4.8.2), Impact test (Falling frame) (EN4.8.3)